A Message from the President of the CCL

As Ole Man winter leaves us, we are happy to begin to see our flora begin to flourish once more!! Remember that we can help our fellow Carthage residents come out of the shudder of winter with your SMILE!!! Our Carthage Civic League has been very busy planning a great 2019---most especially with our work on the Neighborhood Business & Development Plan which was approved in December at our general meeting and is now well under way to receive the blessings of our colleagues downtown!

First and foremost in our agenda is the reestablishment of our Business Association. CCL is 110% behind its development--to benefit our wonderful neighborhood; so stay tuned to further developments and take this as a CALL TO HELP---I invite you to jump in to the nascent organizing committee! We are working to get initial funding to get it off the ground!

The Community Garden is available for you to come and grow vegetables, fruits and herbs on your own or join and share with others. Learn about composting and collecting rainwater.

SO COME ON DOWN and help us lead our Beloved Carthage in all of our Upcoming Projects. YOU ARE IMPORTANT and we want to HEAR YOUR VOICE!

OUR MARCH 18 and APRIL 15 meetings AWAIT YOU!

Joseph Nava, Esq.

Take time to smile

Jessica Wolf