About the Civic League

Our Mission

As a community it is our goal to build community pride, create a positive image for Carthage, increase home ownership and attract new businesses that will support our community needs.

We sincerely believe that if we work together we can achieve these changes, and in the process create a community that will be admired by residents, businesses, and other communities.


Carthage Civic League

The Carthage Civic League, (community council) meets the 3rd Monday of each month, (except in January) 7:30pm at Carthage Christian Church located at 19W 73rd St.

The Carthage Civic League, Inc. was founded in 1937 and is one of the oldest community councils in Cincinnati.

Come and join your neighbors in discussions to make Carthage a good place to live and work.

Meeting Minutes

Board Members

President - Joseph Nava 
Vice President - Alan Dicken
Secretary - Mary Broughton
Treasurer - Barbara Bell
Trustee - Owen Nisbett
Trustee - Carol Parsley
Trustee - Ronald Williams
Trustee - Jessica Wolf

Email CivicLeauge@CarthageOhio.com


Annual membership dues are $2 for the year. Membership is open to any resident or business owner in Carthage.
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