Carthage Police Liaison: Officer Erica Brazile
phone: 569-8678


Reporting Crime

CPD requests that all drug complaints are made through the non-emergency number (513-7651212), the neighborhood officer, or the Violent Crimes Squad. Officer Brazile prefers emails because it eliminates phone tag and it’s easier to pass information to the appropriate investigators.

  • If you have photos of drug transactions with PLATES or FACES, email them to

  • If you would like to pass on a license plate or a location, you can call Officer Brazile to leave a message at 569-8677 or send an email.

  • If you want to speak to an investigator or VCS investigator with more IN DEPTH information, call District 4 front desk at 569-8600 and request to speak to a VCS officer.

  • If drug activity is happening, call 765-1212 so an officer can respond.

  • Do Not Call the Neighborhood Liaison Unit if an offense is actively happening or if you need an officer right now. Emergency Communications Center (513-765-1212) has someone answering phones 24/7. The Neighborhood Liaison Unit has varying work hours and is not always in the office-we spend a lot of time in the neighborhoods.

  • More info on city safety can be found here.